New to Glove Points?

What is Team Glovepoints?

Here at GlovePoints our mission is simple: to reconnect people with their lost gloves. This site is a medium for that purpose. Here registered glove hunters can submit discovered hand-wear to our database and in return receive the certainty that their benevolent effort has helped another fellow man. So please help us join cold hands with forgotten gloves and together we can make this world a better place.

new to GlovePoints

How To Join

In order to submit gloves to the site you must first become a member. To do so, simply click ‘Register’ located on the left-hand side of the page. Follow the simple registration process and you’re good to go!

How To Submit Lost Gloves

Through the site: After you become a member, submitting a photo of a lost glove is very easy. Simply click the ‘Submit Glove’ tab at the top of the page and upload your photo to our database. Be sure to include the street, city, and state so others can find your glovepoint!

Instagram & Twitter: Don’t want to register as a glove hunter? That’s fine, we have you covered. Using your Instagram or Twitter account, take a picture of a lost glove and use the hashtag #glovepoint for your photo to be submitted to our database.

How Points Work

For every glove you submit using our ‘Submit Glove’ form you will receive 1 Glovepoint. If your glove is found by its owner, you will receive a additional 3 Glovepoints.

For every 50 points you earn Team Glovepoints will send you a special reward!